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When we plan a learning session (lecture or tutorial) we consider the following:
  1. We can use 3 minutes at the start of each lecture or tutorial to remind students of the context, and show the summary of the previous and of the current lectures and tutorials if applicable. Alternatively, we can get students to work in groups of three to write down what they remember from the previous session. This gives students the chance to engage with the subject and interact with colleagues from the beginning of the session.
  2. International students particularly gain from seeing an explicit summary of the lecture or tutorial, and from seeing the summary again whenever we progress to a new stage.
  3. We share the rationale behind the structure of the content. We start with simple or general principles and then build up complexity. We introduce the wider context (general theories, general rules) first and then look at the detail (or exceptions to the theory, models, practicalities).
  4. We add variety to the structure, enriching the delivery of the content with audiovisuals and media (see section 9 for advice on choosing audiovisuals and media), and we give structured opportunities for the students to interact under our guidance.
  5. We show the summary at the end, and aim to give a short introduction of the structure of the following lecture or tutorial.