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Further reading:

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Web resources

Assessing group work

Advice for students unfamiliar with assessment practices in Australian higher education

A 14-minute video useful for reflecting about learning and teaching in large classes in general. It is not aimed at learning and teaching international diverse student cohorts so we believe activities need to be introduced more frequently considering a 7–10 minute attention span rather than the 20 minute proposed as we discuss in section 8.

Teaching Large Classes. A video featuring Graham Gibbs (broken link)

A useful reference for students is the OU’s online resource on mathematics and statistics, Chapter 3 ‘The language of proof’. This can be accessed by guests at

A good source of information for graphics can be found at (broken link)

The University of Leeds Language Centre has an easy-to-use, self-paced interactive resource that can be an excellent tool to support international students:

National Student Forum. Annual Report 2008. Available at