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EN Workshops 2021

GTA Workshops

This year’s GTA workshops will be offered, as a default, as an online version. However, departments can choose to host on-campus versions of the workshop.

Attendance at the workshops will be free of charge for staff from departments that subscribe to the Economics Network (more information below).

The workshops will be focused on helping attendees to acquire the skills crucial for the delivery of on-campus classes as this is, at this stage, the most likely predominant form of delivery of small group classes in 2021/22. Online delivery of small classes will be referred to, but, unless the health situation changes substantially, will not be at the centre of the workshop.

The workshops will run through late September and October. Registration will open  in early August but if you would be interested in organising an on-campus workshop, please contact Ashley by email as soon as possible ( 

Online version

The workshop will have sections on the UK HE Environment, creating learning communities, inclusive teaching, engaging small groups as well as assessment and feedback. Material on all these sessions will be available on a dedicated webpage and attendees are required to engage with that material and respond to short quizzes for the sections which are delivered asynchronously (UK HE Environment, creating learning communities, inclusive teaching).

The sections on engaging small groups as well as assessment and feedback will be delivered in half-day live online sessions with a maximum of 20 attendees and two Economics Network Associates. These sessions will be very interactive and ask attendees to engage in small groups, tackling tasks relevant for delivering on-campus classes.

On-campus version

Departments can opt to run on-campus versions of this workshop. All attendees will also have access to the online resources of the online versions. The Economics Network instructors will base their delivery around the material of the online version. Instructors can usually agree to customise workshop to local requirements and may, for instance, decide to ask attendees to engage with some of the online material asynchronously and prior to the actual workshop.

At least one of the instructors should come from outside the hosting institution and the workshops, conditional on space restrictions, should be open for attendees from other institutions.

Departments, who want to run on-campus versions, and would like to include institution specific administrative training, should schedule this around the Economics Network portion of the workshop (many universities run such sessions for an hour before the official start of the Economics Network workshop).