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PBL in Economics national workshop 31 January 2007

A National Workshop, Westminster Business School, Wednesday 31 January 2007

This event is organised by Westminster Business School and supported by the Economics Network. It is open to all academics interested in Problem Based Learning in economics. There is no charge for attendance.

Suggested Programme

TimeSession Content

Implementing PBL in the curriculum: experiences in four British Universities (short presentations):

  • Ola Sholarin and Denis McGrath, Westminster University
  • Judith Piggott and Andy Kilmister, Oxford Brookes University
  • Frank Forsythe, University of Ulster at Jordanstown
  • John Sedgwick and Guglielmo Volpe, London Metropolitan University
2.30pm-2.45pmCoffee Break

Plenary discussion on issues related to the adoption of PBL:

  • PBL throughout the whole curriculum?
  • How to assess with PBL?
  • How to deal with groupwork?
  • How to make PBL effective?
  • PBL: a learning community?
  • What are we attempting to achieve with PBL?
4.15pm-4.30pmTea Break

Plenary session on future developments:

  • Promotion of PBL in other British Universities?
  • Common research on effectiveness of PBL across four Institutions?
  • Development of contacts with foreign Institutions that employ PBL?
5.30pm-6.00pmSummary of main issues raised during the afternoon, plan for future work and conclusion
6.30pmDinner at fancy London restaurant


The address of the Business School is 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS

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