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Teaching Energy and Transport Economics national workshop 31 May 2006

A Joint Workshop organised and sponsored by the Economics Network and the UK Energy Research Centre Meeting Place, Oxford, Wednesday 31 May 2006

Teaching Energy Economics was our third subject-specific participatory workshop. Held at Lady Margaret Hall in Oxford, the workshop provided 16 lecturers with the opportunity to focus on their own issues of concern.

Unusually, most of the participants were not economists and were seeking guidance in teaching non-economics specialists. The varied background in transport, energy, renewables, and microeconomics proved a challenge for structuring the day (which is normally based upon the registrants' responses to a questionnaire e-mailed to them two weeks before the event). But in the end, the highlight was the networking and, in this case particularly, the sharing of resources for supporting students without economics backgrounds. One attendee wrote:

"Many thanks for an enjoyable and informative workshop. As a non-economist teaching energy economics I was enthused by the discussions within the groups and grateful for the resource information, none of which I had previously seen."

The Economics Network is now aware of this need from non-economists and plans to address it via the website and, possibly, future workshops.

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