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Development Economics national workshop 8 February 2006

A National Workshop, Bristol, Wednesday 8 February 2006

The Development Economics Workshop was held at the Empire and Commonwealth Museum in Bristol on Wednesday 8 February 2006. Participants had been asked about their teaching background, concerns and interests prior to the event and this served as the basis for the day's programme. The beginning of the day was focused on one lecturer's course outline and breakout groups discussed content, balance, depth and breadth. The afternoon session used participatory workshop methods to allow registrants to share innovative teaching ideas for getting students to 'do' development economics rather than 'just study' it.

The evaluation forms revealed that 100% of the participants found the day to be 'good' or 'excellent', and 100% would recommend this workshop to a colleague. Comments about the most useful aspect of the day highlighted the rare opportunity to network with other lecturers teaching the same courses. One person wrote: "Very good idea for sharing experience. Hope you keep up the work!"