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The Call for Papers for the 2023 DEE Conference was open until 24 March at 6pm GMT.

Each submission must be a paper, a workshop, or a panel session.

Paper presentations should be used for pedagogical research or research reviews. We encourage submission of papers which are not yet finished or which only have preliminary results.

At this stage we shall ask you for a 150-250 word abstract outlining the topic. We shall also ask you to send us a 750-word summary of the paper by 4 August (which may include up to two tables/diagrams/figures) for inclusion in the conference booklet.

Workshops should demonstrate teaching methods. Workshops do not need to be original and we shall be happy to include workshops whose primary value is to disseminate good practice or contribute to Continuing Professional Development. Good workshops will usually involve interaction with the participants and your proposal should say what form this interaction will take.

At this stage we shall ask you for a 150-250 word outline of the workshop, together with any relevant information about practical details. We could use this summary for the conference booklet, but you will have the opportunity to send us a 500 word summary by 4 August (which may include up to three tables/diagrams/pictures/figures) for inclusion in the conference booklet.

Panel sessions last 45 minutes and should include a small number (ideally three) of panellists, plus a host who introduces the topic and chairs discussion. The panellists should give short opening presentations followed by group discussion.

In the submission process we ask you for a 200-300 word outline identifying the topic and saying how the panellists' experience brings multiple perspectives to the topic.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone interested in teaching economics at HE level (whether to economics or other students), especially:

- Lecturers in higher and further education
- Graduate teaching assistants
- Library and information staff
- Teaching support staff
- Staff developers

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