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Programme – Day One (6th September 2007)

10.00 Registration and refreshments
10.30 Keynote Presentation 1: Study Centre 3/4
Educating Economists for Government
Presenter: Andy Ross, Government Economic Service and HM Treasury
11.15 Parallel sessions 1
Study Centre 1 Study Centre 2 Study Centre 3/4 Study Centre 5


The METAL project: a chance to trial the resources for supporting mathematics teaching for 1st year economics undergraduates
Facilitator: Rebecca Taylor (NTU)


(a) Diagrams, economic modelling and learning
Presenter: Jean Mangan (Staffs)

(b) An evaluation of the challenges MBA students encounter in acquiring and applying threshold concepts in economics
Presenters: Keith Gray, Peri Yavash and Mark Bailey (Coventry)

(c) An Investigation into the Application of Economics Threshold Concepts using WinEcon via a VLE for Business Students
Presenters: Mike Walsh and Keith Gray (Coventry)


(a) What makes a good government economist?
Presenters: Philip Hedges, Peter Urwin and Franz Buscha (Westminster)

(b) Why Should They Employ an Expertise in Economics: how can LT skills help to make a more convincing case?
Presenter: Stephen Heasell (NTU)

(c) Embedding a generic e-portfolio/PDP tool in a basic skills module for economics and business students – When Say's law doesn’t (necessarily) hold
Presenter: Paul Latreille (Swansea)


(a) Publishing pedagogical research in economics
Presenter: Peter Davies (Staffs)

(b) Funding opportunities for pedagogical research in Economics
Presenters: Ros O’Leary (Economics Network) and David Sadler (HE Academy)

12.45 Lunch
13.45 Keynote Presentation 2: Study Centre 3/4
Teaching Undergraduate Econometrics
Presenter: David F. Hendry, University of Oxford
14.30 Poster Session: Study Centre 2 and Foyer (inc. Refreshments at 15.00)
15.30 Parallel Sessions 2
Study Centre 1 Study Centre 3 Study Centre 4 Study Centre 5


Computerised classroom experiments. An opportunity to sample some of the open-access experiments available online from the FEELE lab at the University of Exeter
Facilitator: Dieter Balkenborg (Exeter)


(a) The realities of economics – Engaging undergraduate students in the 'Intelligent Conversation" of the nation
Presenters: Alan Hutton and David Donald (GCU)

(b) Using the arts in teaching economics
Presenter: Gherardo Girardi (London Met)

(c) Developing student presentations skills in economics
Presenter: Judith Piggott (Oxford Brookes)


Integrating understanding in economics: implications for the design of learning activities and assessment
Presenters: Peter Davies, Jean Mangan (Staffs), David Allen (UWE). Peri Yavesh (Coventry)


(a) Is PBL more effective than a traditional teaching method? Assessing PBL using a control group
Presenters: John Sedgwick and Guglielmo Volpe (London Met)

(b) Introducing PBL in a first-year curriculum: results and experiences
Presenter: Frank Forsythe (Ulster)

(c) Students and the world of labour – employment orientation in developing student skills in HE
Presenter: Johanna von Luckwald (Cologne)

17.00 Close of Day One
18.45 Bus leaving for Peterhouse College (meet front entrance of Møller Centre)


Programme – Day Two (7th September 2007)

9.00 Registration and Refreshments
9.15 Keynote Presentation 3: Study Centre 3/4
How can economists grab the attention of students, and keep it?
Presenter: Tim Harford, FT's "Undercover Economist" and presenter of the BBC's "Trust Me, I'm an Economist"
10.00 Parallel sessions 3
Study Centre 1 Study Centre 2 Study Centre 3/4 Study Centre 5


(a) The effective use of blogs and podcasting in economics education
Facilitators: Andy Ramsden (ILRT), Bhagesh Sachania (Economics Network), Paul Ayres (Intute Social Sciences)

(b) Using of social software to empower teaching and learning in economics
Facilitator: Steven Greenlaw (Mary Washington)


Money in Intermediate Macroeconomics: challenging the traditional textbook approach
Facilitator: Peter Howells (UWE)


Using short classroom experiments in seminars as a means of improving student motivation and learning: a chance to participate in four experiments
Facilitators: Jon Guest (Coventry) and John Sloman (Economics Network)


(a) Learning styles and introductory economics: a matter of translation
Presenter: Mary Hedges (Auckland)

(b) The learning compact
Presenter: Martin Diedrich (Keele)

(c) Improving feedback on assessment
Presenters: Carol Johnston and Ciannon Cazaly (Melbourne)

11.30 Refreshments
11.45 Parallel sessions 4
Study Centre 1 Study Centre 2 Study Centre 3/4 Study Centre 5


Using Excel in the teaching of economics
Facilitator: David Allen (UWE)


(a) Effectiveness of heterodox economic concepts in developing understanding of real world issues
Presenter: Andrew Mearman (UWE) and Tim Wakeley (Griffith)

(b) Rethinking economics teaching in higher education
Presenter: Woan-Pin Fang (Nanyang Technolgical University, Singapore)

(c) The Junior Business School: collaborative learning environments
Presenter: Andreas Liening (University of Dortmund)

Presentations / Demos

(a) Clickers! Using personal response pads
Presenter: Robert Rycroft (Mary Washington)

(b) Involvement of players in game development
Presenter: Michael Vogel (Bremerhaven)

(c) Studying philanthropy and doling out real cash
Presenter: Robert Rycroft (Mary Washington)

Presentations / Demos

(a) Teaching economics via experiments
Presenter: Hans Juergen Schloesser (Siegen)

(b) Use of Aplia software to improve the learning experience of first year students: experience from NUI Galway
Presenters: David Duffy and Brendan Kennelly (NUI Galway)

(c) Improving learning processes of first-year Economics students by means of an innovative summer school programme – an evaluation
Presenters: P. Horn and A. Jansen (Stellenbosch)

13.15 Lunch
14.15 Parallel Sessions 5
Study Centre 1 Study Centre 2 Study Centre 3/4 Study Centre 5


A chance to test drive Macrolab: an interactive learning environment (ILE) driven by a system dynamics computer simulation model of a national economy and the rest-of-the-world.
Facilitator: David Wheat (Bergen)

Workshops / Presentations

(a) Research-teaching linkages being adopted by QAA Scotland in terms of its latest Enhancement theme. A chance to share experiences.
Presenter: Linda Juleff (Napier)

(b) Incentives and educational standards
Presenter: Athanassios Pitsoulis (Cottbus)


Building presentation skills. This workshop demonstrates some of the work being doing at Oxford Brookes University on building presentation skills in students to improve skills and employability.
Facilitator: Judith Piggott (Oxford Brookes)

Workshop / Presentation

(a) Teaching maths for economists
Presenter: Michael Grove (Maths, Stats and OR Subject Centre)

(b) Using Excel to individualise basic mathematics assignments
Presenter: Mike Rosser (Coventry)

15.45 Refreshments
16.00 Panel session
16.30 End