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How can economists grab the attention of students, and keep it? (DEE 2007)

Presenter: Tim Harford, FT's 'Undercover Economist' and presenter of the BBC's 'Trust Me, I'm an Economist'

  1. Part 1: 3 Things We Know about Economics
  2. Part 2: The Secret Cappuccino
  3. Part 3: Economics and the Big Problems
  4. Part 4: What Economists Don't Know
  5. Part 5: Connecting Economics to the Real World
  6. Part 6: Beyond the Equations


We know three things about economics. First, it can solve the problems we all face every day, from getting a better deal at the supermarket to making more sensible use of our time. Second, it can also address some very big problems, such as climate change and poverty in Africa. Third, it is a fallible science, and we can all learn from those mistakes.

I argue that these three facts about the subject provide economic educators with a way to engage students and to communicate important economic principles in a way that they will remember.

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