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John Sloman, Honorary Fellow

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John has been at the centre since its beginning in 1999/2000, and led it until his retirement in July 2012. He was formerly Head of School of Economics at the University of the West of England and is now Visiting Professor at UWE.

John led many of the departmental and national workshops offered by the centre and has contributed a number of resources for the website. He has presented at several international conferences. He has co-authored the Lecturing chapter of the Handbook, which he updated most recently in 2024. He also co-authored the Economics subject overview report of the QAA in 2002. He is the author/co-author of four economics textbooks. He has also produced a range of supplementary teaching and learning materials for the books.

His interests in teaching and learning in Economics are wide ranging and focus on ways of encouraging deeper and more active learning by students. He is also interested in practical applications of computer technology in Economics and the creative use of virtual learning environments.

See John's contributor profile for a selection of his contributions to the Network.

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