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CHEER Volume 9, Issue 3, 1995 Contents

*  Editorial


*  CAL, apartheid and economics education at South African Universities
Jason Probert and Kathy Munro

*  Teaching Linear Programming using Microsoft Excel Solver
Ziggy MacDonald

*  Examples for Economists with DERIVE: General Equilibrium for a Cobb Douglas Exchange Economy
Barry Murphy


*  CTI Centre for Economics Report
Mike Emslie

*  Hotel CALECO: A Report on the CALECO Conference
Guy Judge

Short Notes

*  EcoSim: An Innovative Tool for Teaching Economics
Anthony Davies

*  Software for the Social and Behavioural Sciences
Mike Emslie

*  Be Your Own Chancellor
Mike Emslie


*  Stamp 5.0
Guy Judge

*  Diploma III
Jeff Evans


*  Conferences, Software and More