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CHEER Volume 9, Issue 2, 1995 Contents

* Editorial


*  Systems Modelling in Economics: The Use of Object-Oriented Software
Adrian Boucher

*  Examples for Economists with DERIVE: Long- and Short-run Costs
Barry Murphy

*  CAL and SuperCAL
Kevin Macken and Ken Randall

*  Modelling Game Theory with Spreadsheets
Mike Rosser


*  CTI Centre for Economics Report
Mike Emslie

*  Canterbury Tales 1995 - Prologue
Guy Judge

*  Canterbury Tales 1995 - Computing in GAUSS
Raymond O'Brien

*  Sharing Resources in the 1990's
Peter Scott


*  SECOS-3: Data Handling, Graph and Mapping Program
Chris Reid

Book Reviews

*  Kutzler, Berhard: Mathematics on the PC - Introduction to DERIVE. Sjostrand, David: Mathematics with Excel
Barry Murphy

*  John December and Neil Randall, The World Wide Web Unleashed
Debra Hiom


*  Conferences, Software and More