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CHEER Volume 10, Issue 2, 1996 Contents

* Editorial


* Economic Optimisation with GAMS:
Trinidad Casasus Estelles, Manuel Mocoll Arce & Ramon Sala Garridoi

* Project ICONS: Simulating International Political Economy via the Internet
Bruce Stanley

* Dynamising Microeconomics Using MicroSIM
Jasper van Loo & Hans Maks

* Creating CAL Courseware with Microsoft Excel
Joanna Tidball

* Student Created Spreadsheet Models for Teaching & Learning Economics
Guy Judge


* Mathcad 6.0
Barry Murphy

* Scientific Workplace 2.5
Barry Murphy

* Powersim 2.5
Mike Emslie


* CTI Centre for Economics Report
Mike Emslie

* Lava Bread, Welsh Economics, WinEcon and a software sandwich: A Report on the Computing Sessions at the 1996 RES Conference
Guy Judge