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Sample Interactive Modules from the Open University

A commended entry for our 2003 Electronic Resource Award was a team from the Open University (Chris Downs, Neil Costello, Martin Higginson, Judith Metha and Heldey Stone) for their interactive materials to support the DD202 introductory economics module. These tutorials combine spoken and written text, diagrams and interactive quizzes to teach "Economics and Economic Change". We are grateful to the team and to Dave Morris for allowing us to host a sample of their work on our site. Copyright remains with the original authors and any further reproduction requires their permission.

The tutorials were delivered on CD-ROM with accompanying booklet, enabling large multimedia files to be delivered to distance learning students. The only software required is a web browser with the Shockwave plug-in and Java, which most modern browsers will have by default. The sample material includes 35-minute tutorials on Investigating perfect competition and Game Theory, as well as a 12-question interactive test on basic microeconomics.

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