Ashley Lait

ING-Economics Network Survey of Public Understanding of Economics



The ING-Economics Network Survey of The Public’s Understanding of Economics is based on an online poll of more than 1,700 respondents from across the country. They were asked a series of questions about their understanding of economics, how they access economic news and how to improve communication of economic analysis and evidence to the general public.

The survey, commissioned by the Economics Network and ING was conducted by YouGov.

Research: Trends in UK economics education (updated 2016)



This report is an update of the 2014 data the Network collected on students of economics in the UK. It forms part of the Economics Network’s ongoing research into economics education and provides a detailed summary of data collected student numbers in economics at both A-level and undergraduate level. This research aims to complement the Network’s report on the National Student Survey to highlight any issues that may be of note to departments.

NSS Results and Comparison (2010-2016)

The following report from the Economics Network presents the NSS data from 31 universities for economics and related subjects from 2010 to 2016. The data included are only from universities that have consistently offered all three subjects over this time period. This data selection ensures a reliable picture of the relative progress of economics in comparison to similar subjects.

The Year in Economics Teaching


An update of recent progress in the teaching of economics in the 2014-15 academic year.

Economics education has seen some changes over the past several years. In particular, many have been keen to examine the impact of the recent changes in tuition fees and the impact of the financial crisis on university education and interest in economics. This report aims to examine the current landscape of economics education and highlight any significant developments that have occurred in the past year.

Teaching Symposium 2014 for early career lecturers and teaching assistants

By Alvin Birdi and Ashley Lait, the Economics Network
Published May 2014

As part of its continual efforts to improve the service it provides to lecturers and teachers of HE economics, the Network ran its first ever Symposium for Early Careers Lecturers and Graduate Teaching Assistants at the LSE on 2nd April.

This event arose as a result of feedback from previous training events in which delegates expressed a desire to see more practice-based training particularly in specific content areas such as econometrics.