Mission and Strategy

Since July 2012, the Economics Network has been supported by the Royal Economic Society, the Scottish Economic Society, the University of Bristol and a number of economics departments across the UK.

A new management board has been set up to oversee the activities of the Network and to develop new strategic aims.


The Economics Network aims to enhance the quality of learning and teaching throughout the higher education economics community.

Strategic Aims

EN1 To share and promote effective practice and innovation in university-level economics teaching and curricula through:

  1. providing early years teaching development through an annual workshop programme linked to the UK Professional Standards Framework
  2. providing continuing professional development opportunities through hosting regular events including a biennial conference  
  3. supporting development of economics curricula through facilitating discussion and critical review
  4. providing a comprehensive website of resources to support economics teaching
  5. promoting networks through maintaining the communities of associates and key contacts
  6. recognising and rewarding excellent teaching through a biennial awards scheme

EN2 To identify, undertake, and enable research into economics education and disseminate findings through:

  1. conducting research in economics education together with our community
  2. engaging with current research in economics through the Network's journal, the International Review of Economics Education
  3. promoting the sharing of research and research ideas through:
    • a Discussion Paper Series
    • an evidence-focused strand within the conference

EN3 To support and take a lead in promotion of economics as a discipline through:

  1. Promoting the study of economics to pre-university students via:
    • a website for prospective students, Why Study Economics?
    • the A-level journal Economic Review
    • involvement in events targeted at students
  2. Supporting those already studying economics at university through a website, Studying Economics
  3. Engaging with key issues around economics higher education by involving stakeholders including academic departments, learned societies and employers