Video and Audio Lectures in Statistics for Economists

Department of Economics, University of Utah

This department's YouTube channel has around a hundred videos, organised into playlists about international economics, macro principles, intermediate macro,  and statistics for social and behavioural sciences.

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Various authors

This is a general introduction to statistics in the form of an interactive online textbook, available for adaptation and reuse under an attribution-only licence. The site describes the book as "designed for the one-semester, introduction to statistics course and is geared toward students majoring in fields other than math or engineering. This text assumes students have been exposed to intermediate algebra, and it focuses on the applications of statistical knowledge rather than the theory behind it." The whole book or individual pages can be downloaded in e-book formats. OpenStax is a project hosted at Rice University and supported by a group of educational charities.

Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY)
Chris Longmore, University of Exeter

This site, hosted by the UK-based academic Chris Longmore, comprises a series of 'screencasts' (live captures of a computer screen). Each screencast demonstrates software that will be useful to students and teachers. For example, Longmore shows how to create tables and perform statistical operations using the analysis software SPSS. His datasets are available for download. Other software includes E-Prime, SuperLab, and Blackboard. The videos vary in resolution and length. They require Apple Quicktime version 7. Although designed for first year Psychology students the videos should be useful for teachers, students and researchers of Economics as well.

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Salman Khan, Khan Academy

Free site combining short video tutorials and online self-test quizzes. The videos can also be viewed in YouTube. The top-level topics are Independent and dependent events; Probability and combinatorics; Descriptive statistics; Random variables and probability distributions; Regression; and Inferential statistics. Each of these is broken down into dozens of points. There are also forums for asking questions related to the material.

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Peter Donnelly, Oxford University

This is a 21'24" talk about statistical fallacies, recorded in July 2005. It can be watched online or downloaded in a variety of formats.

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Sebastian Thrun, Udacity

These free course materials require a login, either via Google, Facebook or a Udacity account. They cover "Visualizing relationships in data", "Probability", "Estimation", "Outliers and Normal Distribution", "Inference", and "Regression". The "classroom" link takes you to a large number of short YouTube videos each explaining a different step. The "Materials" link takes you to detailed, line by line transcripts which can be downloaded as PDFs. These include some formative questions. As with other MOOCs, there is a forum for learners to discuss questions arising from the material.

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Sean Laraway and Ronald Rogers, San Jose State University

These free course materials require a login, either via Google, Facebook or a Udacity account. The course is organised in six modules and aims to cover the basics of statistical research using everyday examples. The "Materials" button links to downloadable videos, an index of concepts and a booklet of notes.  "Classroom" leads to a series of short videos with interactive features. As with other MOOCs, there is a forum where learners can discuss questions.

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Hans Rosling, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Video lectures of various lengths, including a series of TED talks, showing how statistical data illuminate the development and welfare of countries.

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Hal Snarr, Westminster College, Utah

Nearly sixty videos of varying lengths, in a narrated-slideshow format, with detailed tables of contents.

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Fletcher Ibser, UC Berkeley

Webcasts of 28 lectures from a course given in 2009, available freely through iTunes.

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