Margarida Dolan

Supporting International Students of Economics in UK Higher Education

Margarida Dolan, International Consultant

Edited by
Dimitra Petropoulou, Lecturer in Economics, University of Sussex
Published December 2012


I am indebted to the support of the following people, without whom it would have been impossible to gather the insights shared in this chapter: Dr Michael Arghyrou, Dr Harminder Battu, Dr Alvin Birdi, Ms Angela Joyce, Mr Iain Long, Dr David McCausland, Ms Susan McCourt, Professor Kent Matthews, Professor Euan Phimister, Dr John Skåtun, Dr Alison Smart and Dr Alexandros Zangelidis. Special thanks to Dr Inna Pomorina for initiating this project and for her enthusiasm.

Motivating International Students

A practical guide to aspects of learning and teaching

Margarida Dolan
and Irene Macias
Published July 2009
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