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  • METAL and Biz/ed resources have been created specifically for Economics students by subject specialists
  • Some Mathcentre and Mathtutor resources require the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Quicktime or Videolan can be used to view iPod videos on a desktop computer.
  • Some of the resources are in PDF format, requiring Acrobat.
  • Our printable Maths Formula Sheet has helpful reminders for most of the above topics
  • MEI have thousands of online resources - including animations, slides and exercises - covering AS and A-Level Maths and Further Maths on a subscription-only basis.

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Jerry Evensky, Syracuse University

This is an online multiple choice self-test to assess basic graph comprehension, including identifying positive and negative slope. It has 26 questions. Using Javascript, it should work on any modern web browser. The results include recommendations of online materials to review to fill identified gaps in the student's knowledge.