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David Whigham, Glasgow Caledonian University, John Houston, Glasgow Caledonian University

ExcelAssess allows you to create self-marking exams in Excel. Whigham and Houston have created a library of dozens of self-marking questions in Excel skills, statistics, basic mathematics and economics. This package includes the questions as well as a front end which allows you to select questions and create a single workbook with each question on a different sheet and a separate marks sheet, which can be hidden from the student. The user has control over the weighting given to each question. This software is free to all staff at educational institutions.

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WinEcon Consortium

WinEcon is an interactive learning software package for economics, business economics, maths for economics and the range of Sloman textbooks designed to support economics courses. The software provides many hours of tutorial material and includes: all the relevant theory, interactive exercises, self-assessment questions, economics databases and an economic glossary. Teachers of economics can integrate WinEcon into their Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) by creating links from any Web page, Word, Powerpoint or Excel document to specific WinEcon topics. Students working on their own machines can also make full use of these features to link to specific WinEcon screens from their lecturer's Web pages by installing the single user software.

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Tony O'Hagan, University of Sheffield

First Bayes is a teaching package for elementary Bayesian statistics. Distributions from any of thirteen standard families may be plotted and many summaries computed. The prior distribution, likelihood and posterior distribution can be plotted on a single "triplot". First Bayes is offered free to anyone interested in teaching or learning Bayesian Statistics, provided it is not used for profit.

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The Netlib repository contains freely available software, documents, and databases of interest to the numerical, scientific computing, and other communities. The repository is maintained by AT&T Bell Laboratories, the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and by colleagues world-wide. Most Netlib software packages have no restrictions on their use but it is recommended that you check with the authors to be sure. It is possible to search or browse the site for resources.
The MathWorks
Provided by the software developer MathWorks, this is a gateway to hundreds of links on technical computing, including Excel worksheets, MATLAB workbooks and Java applets, especially financial applications.

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Our site Studying Economics has tips including writing and referencing, revision, and help with maths.

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