ExcelAssess: Question Topics

This is a list of all the questions that you get when you download the program. You can preview the questions individually from within the software or simply by going to the questions directory and opening them directly.

Elementary Microeconomics

Filename Sub-category Topic
A_Q1.xls Linear Demand Function  
A_Q2.xls Linear Demand Revenue Functions
A_Q3.xls Linear Demand Revenue Maximisation
A_Q4.xls Marginal Revenue  
A_Q5.xls Price Elasticity of Demand  
A_Q6.xls Supply and Demand Equilibrium Price
A_Q7.xls Total and Average Total Cost  
A_Q8.xls Total Variable and Average Variable Cost Average Variable Cost Minimization
A_Q9.xls Total and Marginal Cost  
A_Q10.xls Perfect Competition Profit Maximisation
A_Q11.xls Monopoly Model Profit Maximisation
A_Q12.xls Linear Demand/Fixed Costs Break Even
A_Q13.xls Linear Demand/Debt Repayment Break Even
A_Q14.xls Linear Demand/Fixed and Variable costs Break Even
A_Q15.xls Linear Demand/Fixed and Variable costs Profit Maximisation
A_Q16.xls Pricing Strategy Demand Revenue and profit
A_Q17.xls Minimum Wage Equilibrium Wage
A_Q18.xls Two Market Equilibrium
A_Q19.xls Two Market Profit Maximisation
A_Q20.xls Asset Value Half Life

Intermediate Micro

Filename Sub-category Topic Added
B_Q1.xls Revenue Maximisation Price Discrimination  
B_Q2.xls Cobb Douglas Minimising the cost  
B_Q3.xls Cobb Douglas Maximising Output  
B_Q4.xls Cobb Douglas Maximum Profit  
B_Q5.xls Price Discrimination Revenue Maximisation  
B_Q6.xls Duopoly: Cournot model    
B_Q7.xls Two Market Revenue Maximisation  
B_Q8.xls Input/output analysis    
B_Q9.xls Optimal material costs Cylindrical Cans In Update 1
B_Q10.xls Two Product Production   In Update 1

General Business

Filename Sub-category Topic Added
E_Q4.xls Price One Discount Rate  
E_Q5.xls Price Two Discount Rates  
E_Q6.xls Price One Discount Rate In Update 1
E_Q7.xls Price Two Discount Rates In Update 1

Financial Arithmetic

Filename Sub-category Topic
F_Q1.xls Present Value  
F_Q2.xls Exchange Rate Calculations Elasticity
F_Q3.xls Exchange Rate Calculations Elasticity
F_Q4.xls Lease/Buy  

General Excel

Filename Sub-category Topic Added
G_Q1.xls Student Marks analysis Descriptive Statistics  
G_Q2.xls Sorting Share Data    
G_Q3.xls Pension Calculation    
G_Q4.xls Pension Calculation Compound Growth  
G_Q5.xls Overtime Calculations    
G_Q6.xls Overtime Calculations    
G_Q7.xls Selective Data Interrogation  
G_Q8.xls Database functions Data Interrogation In Update 1

Elementary Statistics

Filename Sub-category Topic Added
S_Q1.xls Arithmetic Mean, Variance    
S_Q2.xls Frequencies    
S_Q3.xls Expected Values    
S_Q4.xls Expected Values    
S_Q5.xls Expected Values   In Update 1
S_Q9.xls Demand Estimation    
S_Q10.xls Usage Estimation    
S_Q11.xls Demand Estimation Non-Linear Data  
S_Q13.xls Production Function Estimation  
S_Q14.xls Non Linear Usage Estimation  
S_Q15.xls Cobb Douglas Estimation  

Elementary Macroeconomics

Filename Sub-category Topic
T_Q1.xls National Income Circular Flow

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