Video and Audio Lectures in International Economics

Tim Forsyth, London School of Economics and Political Science

A thirty-six minute captured lecture providing an introduction to the LSE's International Development BSc and Diploma, hosted by Tim Forsyth. The video has a Creative Commons Attribution licence which allows copying and remixing.

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Department of Economics, University of Utah

This department's YouTube channel has around a hundred videos, organised into playlists about international economics, macro principles, intermediate macro,  and statistics for social and behavioural sciences.

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edeos Digital Education

An eight-minute YouTube video combining 3D animation and voiceover to introduce the economic, political, and cultural implications of globalization. Subtitles are available in Swedish, and a separate German language version of the video is also available. 

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Jonathan Michie, Linda Yueh, and Martin Slater, University of Oxford

A podcast series about the credit crunch and global recession featuring three Oxford academics. This series examines how the current crisis developed, analyses market and government responses to it, and looks at what might happen next. Eight audio files are available with most programmes lasting around 30 minutes.

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Paul Krugman, Princeton University

This YouTube video features 2008 Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman of Princeton University, speaking as part of the Authors@Google series. Instead of speaking about his book The Conscience of a Liberal, Krugman talks about the financial crisis, banking meltdown and credit crunch - several months before it actually happened, as the event took place on December 14, 2007. Krugman looks at the causes of the current crisis and then goes on to offer some possible ways out.

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Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, George Mason University

Online course divided into eight sections, with 60 lectures (around 6 hours total) that can be viewed on Youtube as slides plus audio, or downloaded directly as audio. The site also includes self-test questions and forum facilities for asking questions.

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Jospeh Stiglitz, Columbia University

This is a video of Joseph Stiglitz speaking on the topic of global financial market regulation at the James Martin 21st Century School at the University of Oxford. Stiglitz argues that the global financial crisis reflects a failure of global economic governance, before looking at the lessons for global governance in the 21st Century. Users will need a Flash player to watch this 63 minute video or they can download the audio version as an mp3 file.

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Robert Kaplan, Harvard University

This is a video of a panel discussion that took place on September 25, 2008 in the Sanders Theater at Harvard University. A range of Harvard academics including Robert Kaplan, Gregory Mankiw, Elizabeth Warren and others discuss how to understand and interpret recent developments in the U.S. and world markets. A video table of contents allows users to go directly to the contribution of one of the speakers.

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Paul Krugman, Princeton University

Part of the Nobel prize website, this page provides resources related to the 2008 winner Paul Krugman of Princeton University. It includes the video of his Nobel lecture - New trade, new geography and the troubles of manufacturing - that focuses on economic geography and trade, comcluding that: increasing returns have been a powerful force shaping the world economy, that force may actually be in decline, but that decline itself is a key to understanding much of what is happening in the world today. Users will need Windows Media Player or RealPlayer to view the lecture. The site also includes supporting materials, such as interviews, lecture slides and press releases.

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Douglas McWilliams, Gresham College

Video and supporting materials from a series of free public lectures given by Professor McWilliams in his capacity as Gresham Professor of Commerce. The full title of the series is "The Greatest Ever World Economic Event: How the transformation of two thirds of the world's population from starvation to moderate prosperity will affect us all." Each of six lectures is available as streaming video, downloadable video, audio and a text transcript. The lectures last about three quarters of an hour.

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