Tutors' Guides in Principles of Microeconomics

Michael Salemi, University of North Carolina

Paper in the form of a 14-page PDF file, argues for the use of active-learning exercises in teaching economics, explaining the benefits of this method for students and for staff. Example activities and exam questions are included which bear on the concept of present value.

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Staffordshire University. Institute for Education Policy Research

Embedding Threshold Concepts is a project of the Institute for Education Policy Research at Staffordshire University. It aimed "to improve students understanding in economics by developing first year undergraduates acquisition of threshold concepts" and applied to both students on specialist economics degrees and non-specialists, for instance those on business degrees. The site includes teaching materials, suggested student activities, working papers / readings and further information about the project.

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Simon Halliday, University of Cape Town, South Africa. School of Economics
Video of a presentation given by Simon Halliday on 9 September 2010 at the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Features material from Edward Tufte, Garr Reynolds, Larry Lessig and others in a discussion of presentation techniques, then proceeds to look at the use of music and music videos, film and technology in teaching. Also looks at some of the challenges that face a prospective teacher wishing to use technology in a country like South Africa and in a university like the University of Cape Town with large classes and high bandwidth costs.
Theodore Bergstrom, University of California at Santa Barbara, John H Miller, University of California at Santa Barbara
The instructor's manual for the textbook Experiments with Economic Principles: Microeconomics, 2nd Edition, by Bergstrom and Miller, is available for download here. There is a separate file including all the handouts needed for the experiments described in the book.

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