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New York Times

Collection of lesson plans that use New York Times articles for orientation round a specific economic issue, providing questions for discussion and ideas for class discussion or research. The exercises encourage students to draw on their own experience, look for economic principles, and consider perspectives from outside economics. Topics include offshoring of jobs, how skill shortages affect the economy, global stock market corrections, tax cuts and income distribution. Content is US-focused, aimed at school teachers, and not always focused on economic angles; but is up-to-date and offers a wide-ranging source of ideas for introducing real world content and practical assignments into teaching of economic principles.

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Simon Halliday, University of Cape Town, South Africa. School of Economics
Video of a presentation given by Simon Halliday on 9 September 2010 at the School of Economics at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Features material from Edward Tufte, Garr Reynolds, Larry Lessig and others in a discussion of presentation techniques, then proceeds to look at the use of music and music videos, film and technology in teaching. Also looks at some of the challenges that face a prospective teacher wishing to use technology in a country like South Africa and in a university like the University of Cape Town with large classes and high bandwidth costs.

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