Software in Economic Theory

Leigh Tesfatsion, Iowa State University, David MacFadzean

Instructions, software and articles relating to the Trade Network Game (TNG), an application of agent-based computational experimentation that shows how trading can arise in a community of buyers, sellers and intermediary dealers. Linked articles use the same technique to model labour-market adaptation based on individuals' search behaviour, and partner selection behaviour in other contexts.

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Thomas F Rutherford, University of Colorado; Kevin O'Rourke, University College, Dublin

Guide to the subsystem of the General Algebraic Modelling System (GAMS) that can be used to build and solve general equilibrium models. Sections (with gemoetric and algebraic explanation of the model followed by worked examples in GAMS/MPSGE) on: Introduction to Demand Theory; Constant Elasticity of Substitution functions; General Equilibrium with Phblicv Goods; Comparing the Performance of Flexible Functional Forms; Competitive General Equilibrium and Economic History; and a 'small library' of other microeconomic examples.

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