Simulations in Intermediate Microeconomics

Henry B. Tippie College of Business

Iowa Electronic Markets (IEM) is an online futures market where contract payoffs are based on real-world events such as political outcomes (including the US Presidential election), companies' earnings per share (EPS), and stock price returns. It is run as a non-profit educational and research project by faculty at University of Iowa, Henry B. Tippie College of Business. Most of the markets use real money, although there is a free practice market. The site includes instructor resources, research papers based on their experience and a trader's manual.

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A set of interactive games that are played in the browser. The tutor selects a game and chooses the number of players, then is given unique logins to distribute to learners. One game - an airline pricing game - is played against the computer: in the rest, learners play against each other.

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Moblab, Inc.

A set of configurable, graphically appealing, online interactive games that work across laptops, iOS (Apple) and Android devices. Instructors can customise the games, or use default settings, and students join by entering a class code. The instructor gets a graphical analysis of outcomes immediately at the end of the session, for use in class discussion. The site has course guides that suggest how to sequence the games in different Economics courses, and each game has references to relevant papers. The site's apps can also be used to administer individual survey or assessment questions online.

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Charles Holt, University of Virginia
This collection of more than 30 Web-based games can be used for teaching or research. Lecturers can set up and configure an auction, market or decision problem and then get a class to play it using ordinary Web browsers. The lecturer can then see a summary view of the results and display it to the class. To use the service, one needs to register online, as described under "Register On-Line and Obtain a Free Session Name".
Virtual Stock Exchange is a simulated securities broker that provides mock trading of all securities listed on the major U.S. exchanges. Lecturers can create their own competitions, choosing the trading rules, dates, number of participants and so on. There is also a monthly competition with cash prizes.
Stock-Trak simulates trading in futures, bonds and options as well as US and international stocks. There are links to teaching and research material on various investment topics. Registration fees apply. Supplementary fees increase the number of trades, frequency of statements or give additional accounts.
Trudy Cameron, University of California, Berkeley, Geoff Gerdes, University of California, Berkeley
This applet describes and demonstrates the Edgeworth Box. It includes a guided tour of the screen and uses a simplified, two-goods economy. It was produced by Trudy Cameron, Geoff Gerdes of University of California, Berkeley.

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