Online Text and Notes in Principles of Macroeconomics

Maurice Starkey

This is a set of hyperlinked mindmaps, including textual notes, images and hyperlinks, starting with Economic Environment of business. Reading the files requires the free MindManager viewer software, which is available for a variety of platforms. Previews of a couple of mind maps are available as PDFs, with reduced functionality.

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Saylor Foundation

This is a free and open set of course materials released by the Saylor Foundation, an educational charity, under a CC-BY licence, having been reviewed by three subject-matter experts.  It is based on other free resources including Khan Academy videos. The material is arranged into ten units, each with readings, video and in some cases assessment materials.

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An open online textbook, divided into 29 chapters, drawn from various open educational sources including MIT Open CouseWare and Wikipedia, and curated by "subject matter experts, like professors, PhDs and Master’s students." One section deals with controversies in economics (with a US focus), such as "should the Government maintain a balanced budget?" Readers with a free login can highlight parts of the text, add notes, or access quizzes or flashcards. The site's FAQ says that paid-for services will be introduced on top of the free access and tools that are already offered.

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Center for Economic and Policy Research

10 lectures by US economists downloadable as streamed video or MP3 audio presentations, with accompanying PowerPoint slides and related papers that pursue the issues in more depth. Two lectures are on growth (Dean Baker, Mark Weisbrot), others on US labour markets (John Schmitt), women in the labour market (Heather Boushey), trade (Mark Weisbrot), intergenerational mobility and life chances (Heather Boushey), the Federal Reserve, asset bubbles and intellectual property (all Dean Baker). The lectures are US-focused and reflect the sometimes market-critical perspective of the Center for Economic Policy and Research, a think-tank founded by Baker and Weisbrot in 1999 with an advisory board including Joseph Stiglitz and Robert Solow (not to be confused with the UK-based Centre for Economic Policy Research).

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Dan Whalen, Dorcas International Institute, Providence, RI

Economystified is a blog, updated weekly, which began in December 2010. Each post discusses an economic issue, an economist, or a principle of economic theory, aimed at a lay audience.

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Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

Ask Dr. Econ is an educational resource that answers questions on (mostly macro) economic issues by a Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco economist: the answer-bank is searchable by category or keyword, and new questions can be submitted. Answers are detailed, generally at introductory level, and stay close to current consensus even though some are 10+ years old. Examples: Does inflation hurt long-term growth? What are business cycles and how do they affect the economy? Why does a trade deficit weaken the currency?

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This set of free downloadable textbooks is aimed at UK economics students. The  title includes introductory topics such as the basics of international economics, the neo-classical growth model, econometrics and micro/macro analysis. Users are required to fill in brief personal details before they can download the PDF files of the full text of the books. They range in size from about 20 pages to 150 pages and the authors appear to be mainly European.

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Office for National Statistics

A six-minute video explaining the basics of the Balance of Payments, with accompanying text materials going into more details, including a glossary. The video combines live action and animation and uses the analogy of a personal current account to explain balance of payments, including some facts about the UK's balance of payments. The video description links to the ONS Balance of Payments pages, including a glossary which van be viewed online or downloaded as PDF.

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Paul Ormerod, Volterra Consulting

This is a paper on the Tobin tax, considering the aims and effects of the tax in terms of theory and empirical results, specifically written for undergraduates. The author is Paul Ormerod of Volterra Consulting and it is reproduced by the Economics Network with permission.

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Biz/ed, IFS

This is a detailed model of the UK Economy, based on the H.M. Treasury model, which puts you in the position of Chancellor, showing you the macro- and microeconomic consequences of your budgets. It is part of the Biz/ed site and was produced in collaboration with the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Users can choose to alter a limited number of variables, or the full set. The site also offers background material on macroeconomic theory.

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Nouriel Roubini, Stern School of Business, New York University, David Backus, Stern School of Business, New York University

MBA lectures in macroeconomics by Nouriel Roubini, David Backus includes the text of 10 lectures from 1998, including graphs. The three main sections are "Overview of the World Economy", "The Classical Theory of the Long-Run" and "The Keynesian Theory of the Short-Run". The lectures are aimed at MBA students.

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Roger Schenk, Saint Joseph's College, Indiana

This on-line introductory text by Roger Schenk includes both micro- and macro- sections, with about a dozen chapters in each. The text has its own glossary and Who's Who and is available as a CD-ROM. A separate index holds text that has been removed from the main content of the book for flow or because it was too technical.

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Neva Goodwin, Julie Nelson, and Jonathan Harris, Tufts University

This website supports the textbook Macroeconomics in Context by Goodwin et al. It combines mainstream macroeconomic principles with environmental and social considerations, considering alternatives to the conventional GDP measure. Student study guides for each chapter and lecture slides for academics are available.

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Addison Wesley

ECON100 offers various resources to support a number of text books authored or co-authored by Michael Parkin. Included are lecture notes (in PowerPoint, HTML or RTF), online quizzes, and news analysis.

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Matthew Yglesias, Vox

A US-focused introduction to inflation and its measurement, presented by a journalist in a question-and-answer format.

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Mannig Simidian, Harvard University

This is a set of animated PowerPoint presentations, one for each chapter of Mankiw's macro textbook, downloadable as compressed files for PC or for Mac.

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Wendy Olsen, Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research

Slides, explanation and exercises are arranged into 24 modules aimed primarily at Social Policy, Geography, Housing, Sociology and Demography courses, but tackling economic issues such as the measurement of unemployment. Each module has statistical exercises based on a subset of 1991 UK Census data.

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Wei-Choun Yu, Winona State University

This is a support website for the teaching of Wei-Choun Yu, Assistant Professor of Economics at Winona State University. It contains teaching materials for Macroeconomics, International Economics and Forecasting Methods. The individual course pages include syllabi, assignments, lecture slides and other materials. Each course page also includes brief links to external Internet sites.

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Charles Wyplosz, Michael Burda
Chapter One of Burda and Wyplosz's - Macroeconomics: a European text - is available as a sample chapter to download, "The fundamentals of economic growth" is provided as a PDF file. It provides an overview of economic growth, the concepts used to study it and the factors affecting economic growth in the long run.
Andrew Abel, Ben Bernanke
This is a 37-page sample chapter from the fourth edition of the authors' Macroeconomics textbook by Andrew B. Abel and Ben S. Bernanke, it is available as a PDF file.
Geoffrey Woglom, Amherst College
The files here are 16 short, explanatory essays to accompany Mankiw's Macroeconomics textbook. Readings include "Some simple math facts", "Two versions of Okun's law", "Theories of debt burden", and "The slope of the LM curve and automatic stabilization". Past exams from Woglom's course are also here. This link is to's copy of the Spring 2000 site.
Orley J Amos, Oklahoma State University
This introductory course in Macroeconomics includes the topics of inflation, unemployment, business cycles, gross domestic product, money, fiscal policy, and monetary policy. There are 20 lessons on macroeconomic basics, broken up into small chunks of text. The AmosWorld site also includes a glossary and an online testing system, to which this material is linked.
Mike Moffat, University of Rochester
This is a series of articles to demystify exchange rates for the novice, connecting the topic to the theory of supply and demand.
Mike Moffat, University of Rochester
This is an introductory essay about the processes by which the level of taxation affects overall economic growth, split into five HTML pages.
Mike Moffat, University of Rochester
This short essay uses quotes from "The Logic of Collective Action" by Mancur Olson to explain in simple terms why government can be expected to make decisions that harm the economy. It introduces the concept of the different marginal effect of participation in small and large groups.
Mike Moffat, University of Rochester
This short essay makes a case in simple terms that tariffs hurt the economy of the country that imposes them as well as the economies of the countries they are imposed on.
Mike Moffat, University of Rochester
This is an index to a few dozen short articles for students and lay readers written by Moffat since 2002. Most are answers to questions submitted by students, such as "What Is The Demand For Money?" or "Do Changes in Stock Prices Cause Recessions?"
Alfred L Norman, University of Texas
This site combines text, images and online quizzes into a survey of the classical and neoclassical paradigms of macroeconomics. It contains a number of interactive quizzes and simulations, as well as, some short text articles on a range of topics.
Colin Danby, University of Washington, Bothell
Archived on this site are lecture notes and images used in various courses given by Danby. Macroeconomic topics are: Macroeconomic flows for a closed and open economy; Macro notes (for Money supply, Money demand, Goods and money markets, and Aggregate demand and supply); Classical, Keynesian, and Monetarist theory; the "Classical" or fixed-output model; the IS-LM tutorial; and the Kalecki model. Microeconomic topics are: Consumer and producer surplus, Price determination, a Market model quiz, and the Todaro migration model. The Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates section contains the following material: Categories and definitions, Fundamental concepts, Relating the balance of payments to macro categories, and Exchange rates. The trade section contains material on: Introduction, Ricardian trade theory, Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson trade theory, Tariffs, Quotas, a trade quiz, and Annotated tariff and quota problems.

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