Lecture Slides in Economic Growth

Paul Krugman, Princeton University

Part of the Nobel prize website, this page provides resources related to the 2008 winner Paul Krugman of Princeton University. It includes the video of his Nobel lecture - New trade, new geography and the troubles of manufacturing - that focuses on economic geography and trade, comcluding that: increasing returns have been a powerful force shaping the world economy, that force may actually be in decline, but that decline itself is a key to understanding much of what is happening in the world today. Users will need Windows Media Player or RealPlayer to view the lecture. The site also includes supporting materials, such as interviews, lecture slides and press releases.

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Mary E Edwards, St. Cloud State University

This webpage supports a textbook on regional and urban economics authored by Mary Edwards of St. Cloud State University. The site features chapter by chapter PowerPoint lectures and related Internet links, as well as the syllabus of the course on the book as taught by the author in 2007. Two sample chapters and links to regional economic data are also available. Topics covered by the book include agglomeration economies, growth controls, smart growth, and zoning, core-periphery models and supply-based regional growth analysis.

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Thorvaldur Gylfason, University of Iceland

About 300 PowerPoint slides in six presentations have been made available to accompany Gylfason's Principles of Economic Growth textbook. They combine text, tables, figures and original portraits of growth theorists.

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Dani Rodrik, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

This page collects PDF-format slide shows from presentations given by Rodrik. Topics include "Is the Nation State the Enemy of Global Equality?", "Has Sustained Growth Decoupled from Industralization?" "Industrial Policy and the European Union", and "The Why and How of Growth Diagnostics." The slides have enough text to be read as self-contained lessons.

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Dietz Vollrath, University of Houston

Around 200 slides to accompany the text "Introduction to Economic Growth" by Jones and Vollrath. These are in PDF format, or alternatively can be downloaded as TeX with figures for recompilation. They are released on Vollrath's "Growth Economics" blog, which also has many accessible summaries of topical issues related to growth.

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