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Graphic representations of various concepts in microeconomics (e.g. monopoly, consumer and producer surplus, Edgeworth Box), macroeconomics (e.g. Solow growth model, Keynesian cross, Lorenz Curve and Gini coefficient), game theory (e.g. Nash equilibrium in 3x3 game, binomial tree) and financial theory (e.g. net present value, price-yield curve). Submitted by various authors in Mathematica, with short explanation of underlying theory, and options to manipulate the diagram by changing the different variables. To do this, and view the demonstrations in the browser, requires download of the Mathematica Player browser plug-in which is available for Windows, Linux or Mac. These form part of the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, hosted on the website of independent scientist Stephen Wolfram as a development of his popular Mathematica program.

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Campbell R Harvey, Duke University

This is a set of 11 Java applets that illustrate financial concepts, including an option price calculator. Topics are: Bond Valuation, Country Risk, 2-assets Mean-Variance graph, 3-assets Mean-Variance simulation, Price Dynamics (Black Scholes model), Graph of Options combinations (Advanced), Graph of Options combinations, Graph of Options combinations (Black-Scholes valuation) , Efficient Frontier, Option Pricer, and International Cost of Capital and Risk Calculator.

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