Glossaries of Economic Terms in Statistics for Economists

Statsoft, Inc.

The StatSoft statistics textbook glossary has an extensive number of entries and includes lots of graphics and hyperlinks. Entries in the Statistical Glossary are taken from the Electronic Manual of STATISTICA and may contain elements that refer to specific features of the STATISTICA system.

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BBN Corporation

This glossary of statistical terms dates from 1997 and makes use of comprehensive explanations, occasionally including basic graphics. It is searchable and contains links between entries, where one term is included in the definition of another term. It has been created to promote the PROPHET Statistical package.

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Philip B. Stark, University of California

This large single document covers econometrics as well as statistics terms, and comes with various other materials for teaching statistics, including some pages with Java. It is part of the SticiGui (Statistics Tools for Internet and Classroom Instruction with a Graphical User Interface) tutorial site.

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Valerie J Easton, University of Glasgow, John H McColl, University of Glasgow

This glossary of statistical terms is aimed at students of Business, Biology, Geography and Psychology and is browsable alphabetically and by topic. About 150 statistical terms are explained with graphs and extensive hyperlinks. STEPS is the STatistical Education through Problem Solving project funded by the UK's Teaching and Learning Technology Programme. The glossary is also available as part of a downloadable set of courseware materials for Windows and Mac.

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From Agreement to Z-Score this large glossary of statistical terms is taken from the online SurfStat text book. It includes links to relevant text paragraphs in the book and makes use of hyperlinks between terms within the glossary.

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Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Thousands of statistical and economic terms are searchable and alphabetically browsable, along with terms related to development and ecology.

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