Glossaries of Economic Terms in Principles (General)

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Nearly two hundred terms are given short, one-line defintions, with links to graphs or articles for further explanation.

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Wiktionary contributors

This is part of the Wiktionary project that provides a wiki-based open content dictionary. The economics category draws together an A-Z list of sub-categories of economics and a similar list of basic economic terms with links to definitions. Users can create an account to enhance the existing entries or add new ones.

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Jason G. Welker, Zurich International School

Welker's Wikinomics is a set of online resources for teachers and students of International Baccalaureate Economics. The video resources include around 100 video tutorials of about ten minutes each, uploaded during 2012. They use a narrated-diagram format to explain concepts in basic micro-, macro- and international economics. Each category also has flashcards, a glossary and worksheets.

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This glossary, maintained by Biz/ed (Business Education on the Internet), is searchable by keyword or browsable by letter. It contains a very large number of entries and includes an acronym finder. Entries are linked to related entries, diagrams and other Biz/ed content.

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Economics and business dictionary from The Guardian, with bias towards business and finance but covering main economics concepts (e.g. Deflation, Keynesian economics, Retail price index) and institutional terms (e.g. Agenda 21, Federal Reserve Board, Nikkei 225). Basic, single-paragraph definitions.

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Ken Rea, University of Toronto

This glossary of economic terms has been put together by Ken Rea of the University of Toronto, to support his teaching. Though claiming to be basic, this glossary covers a surprising range of economics related words, names and phrases, with short entries.

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The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics Online is a subscription based service that provides over 1,850 articles by more than 1,500 leading economists. This online edition contains the full text of the 8 volume print edition. In addition, it contains hyperlinked cross-references within articles, links to related sites, sources of further information and bibliographical citations and quarterly additions / updates. Users should check with their institution to see if they have an active subscription.

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Mike Moffat, University of Rochester

Succinct definitions for several hundred terms are organised alphabetically. This site is aimed both at demystifying economics for the general population and as study assistance for economics students. Many definitions are taken from the glossary by Peter Meyer. Definitions are linked to relevant articles and other content on when it exists.

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Joseph Stiglitz, Columbia University

This glossary of economic terms forms part of the support site for Joseph Stiglitz's Principles of Macroeconomics 4th ed. student website. It is simply laid out, with hundreds of entries, browsable alphabetically, from absolute advantage to zero elasticity. The definitions are short and are not linked to other material.

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Orley M Amos, Oklahoma State University

The AmosWeb site (aimed at demystifiying Economics for a lay audience) contains this searchable and browsable glossary, taken mostly from Orley Amos' 'Economic Literacy'. It supplies short definitions for over 2000 terms, with links to related terms.

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This glossary of economic terms from presents short, note-form descriptions, which make use of graphs and tables to help illustrate the definitions. There are more than two hundred entries. The site seems no longer to be active, so this is a link to the Internet Archive's copy from November 2010.

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