Glossaries of Economic Terms in Development Economics

Alan V Deardorff, University of Michigan

This glossary gives many succinct, cross-referenced definitions as well as a bibliography, picture gallery and a few notes on the origin of terms. Some references are linked to journal articles in the JSTOR archive.

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This glossary accompanies a site which introduces development economics issues in the context of a "Virtual" Zambia. The definitions here are mostly of economic terms, with some related political and historical terms. Each is given a short definition.

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BBC World Service

Part of the "2015: Where will we be?" portal, this glossary gives short definitions to dozens of terms related to development.

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Lori Wallach, Global Trade Watch

Published by Ralph Nader's nonprofit consumer-rights organisation, Public Citizen, this is the PDF version of a booklet dating from 1996. In 18 pages, it explains acronyms and basic concepts related to Free Trade Agreements, and gives advice on reading and interpreting trade agreement documents.

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