Curricula and Syllabi in Principles of Microeconomics

Jonathan Gruber, MIT

A complete online course, adapted from a course delivered on-campus at MIT in the Spring of 2011. It includes a set of lecture videos, assigned readings, problem sets with the solutions explained in videos, and an exam. The course assumes a high-school knowledge of calculus and covers the principles of consumer behaviour, firm behaviour, market structure and policy relevance.

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David Saal, Aston University

Brief course handbook and syllabus for an introductory course on microeconomics as taught by David Saal of Aston University in 2008/9. Includes learning outcomes, course content, teaching, assessment and feedback details.

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Greg Delemeester, Marietta College

This course webpage for Principles of Microeconomics at Marietta College as taught by Greg Delemeester includes lecture notes, old exams (multiple-choice and short answer) and individual trivia questions. There are also links to the course syllabus and some key economics websites.

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Chia-Hui Chen, MIT, William Wheaton, MIT

This is the syllabus for an introductory course that taught the fundamentals of microeconomics at MIT in autumn 2007. Topics include consumer theory, producer theory, the behaviour of firms, market equilibrium, monopoly, and the role of the government in the economy.

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