Curricula and Syllabi in Intermediate Microeconomics

Open University

This is a course outline for a a unit of the OU Microeconomics course made available through their OpenLearn initiative. It includes a synopsis of the course brown down into key topics including, labour market disadvantage, Neoclassical models of discrimination, segmented labour markets and policy issues. It also includes links to related readings and activities.

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Marcos Vera-Hernandez, University College London

Archived page from a course taught in 2008. It contains 100+ lecture slides covering the demand and supply sides of partial equilibrium analysis, including effects of shifts in demand and supply, price elasticities of demand and supply, short- and long-run changes, efficiency and welfare analysis, impact of taxes and price controls, extension to international trade. Uses clear graphics and simple equations. Also includes a course syllabus, coursework assignments and a sample exam paper.

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