Case Studies in Managerial and Business Economics

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This site hosts course materials in business and economics, taken from the Harvard Business Review and various other sources. Disciplines covered include Accounting & Control, Business & Government, Competitive Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management, Human Resources Management, Management of Information Systems, Marketing, Negotiations, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior & Leadership, Service Management, Social Enterprise & Ethics, and Teaching & the Case Method. Access requires a fee.

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Ivan Png, National University of Singapore

This set of around twenty cases is organised by date and invludes keywords. It is part of the support site for the fourth edition of Png's Managerial Economics textbook.

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Luis Cabral, New York University

These 25 cases have been used in teaching at London Business School and NYU Stern School of Business. The headings include "costs and pricing", "competition and cooperation", and "firm boundaries"

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