Case Studies in International Economics

Gary Clyde Hufbauer, Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics

The topic of economic sanctions is given a full treatment here with  case studies relating to terrorism, each including a timeline, data and detailed bibliographies. The case studies include: US v. Cuba (1960- : Castro); UN v. South Africa (1962-1994: Apartheid; Namibia); US, Commonwealth v. South Africa (1985-91: Apartheid); US v. Libya (1978-: Gadhafi, Terrorism) and UN v. Libya (1992-99: Pan Am 103); US v. Pakistan (1979- : Nuclear Missile Proliferation); US v. Iran (1984- : Terrorism, Proliferation); US v. Syria (1986-: Terrorism); US/EU/Japan v. Burma (Myanmar) (1988- : Human rights, democracy, narcotics); US v. China (1989- : Tiananmen Square Massacre, Human Rights); US and UN v. Iraq (1990-: Invasion of Kuwait, Impairment of military capability, destabilization); and US v. India (1998- : Nuclear Weapons Proliferation).

Patrick Conway, University of North Carolina

This page lists paper and internet sources of economics case studies. Under "internet", the author presents five of his own case studies in PDF format, each with instructor notes. These case studies are: "Macroeconomic Stability and Income Inequality in Chile", "Migration From  East to West:  A Net Gain for Germany?", "Shifting Gears:  Ford Motor Company in Mexico", "Sudan and Exploitation of the Waters of the Nile", and "Kazakhstan and the Ruble".

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