Assessment Materials in Principles of Microeconomics

An open online textbook, divided into 38 chapters, drawn from various open educational sources including MIT Open CouseWare and Wikipedia, and curated by "subject matter experts, like professors, PhDs and Master’s students." One section deals with controversies in economics (with a US focus), such as "should the Government maintain a balanced budget?" Readers with a free login can highlight parts of the text, add notes, or access quizzes or flashcards. The site's FAQ says that paid-for services will be introduced on top of the free access and tools that are already offered.

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Fred Lee, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Tests for Intro to Micro for 1st year students.

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Jonathan Gruber, MIT

A complete online course, adapted from a course delivered on-campus at MIT in the Spring of 2011. It includes a set of lecture videos, assigned readings, problem sets with the solutions explained in videos, and an exam. The course assumes a high-school knowledge of calculus and covers the principles of consumer behaviour, firm behaviour, market structure and policy relevance.

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Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, George Mason University

A playlist of 79 short videos, totalling around 12 hours, from an open online course for beginners. These videos first went online in 2015 and mostly combine slides with in-camera presentation, although a few make use of sophisticated animation. On the MRUniversity site for the course, the videos come with download options, self-test questions and a discussion facility.

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This archive uses presents feedback on multi-choice questions on 40 different topics, with varying numbers of questions in each. Many of the questions involve clickable images, with students using mouse clicks to indicate equilibria. Topics include: markets, firms, wages, national income, money, unemployment and inflation, government, and international.

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Advanced Placement Program

This AP program is a college-level one-semester course and exam for US high school students in microeconomics. This page links to PDF files of free-response exams for each year from 2001 onwards, scoring guidelines are available from 2004 onwards.

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Stefano DellaVigna, University of California, Berkeley

This course website includes exams (with solutions) and lecture notes, both in .pdf format. It supports a course on Economic Theory 101 as taught by : Stefano DellaVigna of University of California, Berkeley, in 2004.

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Hedley Stone, Open University

This sample quiz has 12 questions from the Microeconomics section of a distance-learning course originally delivered by CD-ROM. The questions are varied in the tasks they require and make full use of the interactive format. The quiz requires that you need the Java plug-in.

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Greg Delemeester, Marietta College

This course webpage for Principles of Microeconomics at Marietta College as taught by Greg Delemeester includes lecture notes, old exams (multiple-choice and short answer) and individual trivia questions. There are also links to the course syllabus and some key economics websites.

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Ed Price, Oklahoma State University

This is the Internet Archive's copy of a course web page which has been moved to an intranet. The PDF links lower down the page do not work, but towards the top of the page there are twelve quizzes including essay and short-answer questions.

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Trudy Ann Cameron, UCLA
A large archive of multiple-choice and short-answer questions from the years 1991-1998, with answers, covering Principles of microeconomics courses. The questions are mostly presented as images, scanned in from the original paper copies.
John Gross, EconWeb, Deborah Antkoviak
This multiple choice test demonstrates the tests offered on EconWeb, access to which requires a paid subscription. The 17 question test allows the student to see the answer and/or a detailed explanation and covers the topic of production costs.
Trudy Ann Cameron, UCLA
These nine self-grading quizzes are part of an introductory microeconomics course taught by Trudy Ann Cameron of UCLA. Each quiz has ten multiple-choice questions, on topics including demand and supply, consumer theory and gains from exchange.

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