Assessment Materials in Intermediate Microeconomics

Fred Lee, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Test for Intermediate Micro module for 2nd year students.

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Kevin Hinde, Northumbria University

Part of Kevin Hinde's website of economics teaching resources, this page contains a number of short self-assessment exercises here on "Information problems and regulation", "Introduction to industrial economics", "Game theory", "Production and costs", "Monopoly (a diagrammatic approach), and "Monopoly and Oligopoly (a mathematical approach)". JavaScript is used to give detailed feedback.

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David Friedman, Santa Clara University

This is the complete text (24 chapters) of an intermediate microeconomics textbook, with many graphics. The first edition was published in 1986, with additional chapters added in 1990. Main sections include "Competitive Equilibrium in a Simple Economy", "Complications, or Onward to Reality", "Judging Outcomes" and "Applications, Conventional and Un-". Each chapter includes questions at the end.

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Marcos Vera-Hernandez, University College London

Archived page from a course taught in 2008. It contains 100+ lecture slides covering the demand and supply sides of partial equilibrium analysis, including effects of shifts in demand and supply, price elasticities of demand and supply, short- and long-run changes, efficiency and welfare analysis, impact of taxes and price controls, extension to international trade. Uses clear graphics and simple equations. Also includes a course syllabus, coursework assignments and a sample exam paper.

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Kenneth Train, University of California, Berkeley

Five detailed problem sets from a year 2000 course cover topics from consumer preference to oligopoly and factor markets via productions, costs and choices of the firm.

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Daniel L. McFadden, University of California, Berkeley

Twelve short-answer problem sets and five exams archived with answer keys in separate documents by Daniel L. McFadden of University of California, Berkeley to support his Economics 100A Microeconomic Analysis as taught in 2001.

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Glenn Ellison, MIT, Caroline Smith, MIT

Six heavily mathematical problem sets are on this 2001 course page for Economics and E-commerce as taught by Glenn Ellison, Caroline Smith of MIT.

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Susan Athey, MIT

This is a course web site from 1999, with links to sites for previous years. It includes problems sets, suggested readings and past exams papers. Topics addressed are: Axiomatic development of utility functions, Axiomatic development of expected utility, Applying expected utility theory, Introduction to Revealed Preference, Consumer Theory Handout, Consumer Theory: Summing Up, and Applied Consumer Theory. All material is in PDF.

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Greg Delemeester, Marietta College

The site holds tests and exams, along with four assignments in which students are asked to create spreadsheets to illustrate specific concepts. The four topics are supply and demand, consumer utility maximisation, profit maximisation for a competitive firm, and profit maximisation for a monopoly. It is part of a course webpage supporting an intermediate economics course.

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