Assessment Materials in Intermediate Macroeconomics

Linda Bui, MIT, Zhichao Yuan, MIT

This is an archived 2002 course site with problem sets and solutions, plus exams and solutions, all in .zip file for the course. Most of the content is in multi-part questions on applications of given models, though there are also some shorter-answer questions.

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This archive uses presents feedback on multi-choice questions on 40 different topics, with varying numbers of questions in each. Many of the questions involve clickable images, with students using mouse clicks to indicate equilibria. Topics include: markets, firms, wages, national income, money, unemployment and inflation, government, and international.

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G Vernasca, University of Essex. Department of Economics, K Burdett, University of Essex. Department of Economics

This course webpage supports a course on intermediate macroeconomics as taught by G. Vernasca and K. Burdett at the University of Essex in 2009/10, based on Mankiw's Macroeconomics (2006), 6th ed.. It includes a course outline, lecture notes, assignments and problem sets with solutions.

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Chris Sims, Princeton University

This is the page from a 1996 "undergraduate course, taught using more math and a less conventional approach than is usual at this level," by Chris Sims of Princeton. Various exercises are available.

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Christian Zimmermann, University of Conneticut

There are short-answer tests from a Spring 2003 course, as well as supplementary notes to complement Steve Williamson's textbook.

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Michael C Lovell, Wesleyan University

This page archives tests and final exams from a course that ran from 1996 to 2000, aimed at students with a strong mathematical background. There are nearly 30 documents here with a variety of data-response problems, essay questions and correct-the-false statement tasks.

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Paul Bergin, University of California at Davis

Intermediate Macro theory is the course page for this ECON101 course taught by Paul Bergin of UC Davis in Fall 2007. It includes slide presentations, with short notes, full lecture notes, homework assignments and exam papers. It covers introductory definitions and main topics in macroeconomics including national income determination, inflation, fiscal and monetary policy. The course is based around Mankiw's Economics - 6th edition.

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N. Gregory Mankiw, Harvard University
This part of the textbook companion site uses Shockwave to administer tests on definitions of key terms. After selecting a textbook chapter, the student is given a stack of cards which link terms to their definitions. These cards can be dragged into a "learned" area, and when the student is ready the site challenges them to match the terms with the definitions they think they have learned.

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