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The CHEER Archive has reviews of econometric software and papers on its use in teaching.

Case Study: Introductory Econometrics Classes at LSE

External case study: Nothing to Prove: teaching introductory econometrics without proofs by Guy Judge, Portsmouth University

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Thomas Kneib, Jan H. Höffler

Encouraging students to replicate the analyses of published papers is one way to familiarise them with some of the process of real research and to get  However, it is rare to find papers for which the appropriate data and code are available to enable a replication. Funded by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), this site collects descriptions of research for which replications are possible, and details of the known replications of existing papers. Replications can be published as working papers. Traffic light icons are used to show if raw data and/or code are available for a paper. Readers can create accounts on the site and add details of replicated studies, replications, or studies that need replication.