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Martin Poulter, the Economics Network
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Wikidata visualisations for economics

Martin Poulter, The Economics Network
Published November 2016, updated July 2017

Economics on Wikipedia

Martin Poulter, The Economics Network
Published January 2016 in the Economics Network Newsletter


Wikimedia is a charitable project aiming to freely share the sum of human knowledge with everyone in the world. Its most famous output is Wikipedia, the free multilingual encyclopedia.

The Handbook for Economics Teaching Assistants

Dr Kate Exley and Dr Liz Barnett, Teaching and Learning Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science. From "LSE Handbook for Graduate Teaching Assistants", adapted for the Economics Network by Dr Martin Poulter (Economics Network), Dr Inna Pomorina (Economics Network), Dr Dimitra Petropoulou (Surrey). Adapted version published May 2006.
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Guide to Blogging in Economics

Original authors: Paul Ayres, Intute Social Sciences, University of Bristol and Bhagesh Sachania, The Economics Network, University of Bristol
Updated version published February 2009, published in CHEER journal Volume 20, pages 32-37, ISSN 1358-5363
2016 version by Martin Poulter, The Economics Network
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Finding Audio and Visual Materials

Authors: Martin Poulter, The Economics Network and Paul Ayres, Intute Social Sciences
Last updated 21 October 2016


Here are some pointers for finding video clips, audio or still images to use in teaching economics.

Copyright and licensing your materials

Martin Poulter, The Economics Network
Updated June 2013

When putting material online, it is a good idea to choose and make explicit an intellectual property licence. This makes clear whether reproduction and reuse are allowable. By declaring your intent at the outset, you can avoid having to deal with lots of permission requests from users.

Using the Web to Teach Economics

Dr Martin Poulter,
The Economics Network,
University of Bristol and
Dr Douglas Chalmers,
Glasgow Caledonian University
Published April 2005
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