The Handbook for Economics Lecturers

The most valuable information about specific activities inevitably comes from case studies that explain the activity used and discuss feedback that has been received for that particular session. A number of these are available from The Economics Network ( Examples include ‘Undergraduate seminars for year 2’ by Morgan and Humphrey, which covers the issue of presentations, ‘Targeting the median student in seminars’ by Farre, and ‘Motivating students in small classes’ by Petropoulou. This website is continually being updated with new and relevant materials, which provide valuable information to any seminar co-ordinator who is looking to incorporate a more varied selection of activities into their seminar programme.

The Economics Network website also provides a list of all other relevant websites that discuss issues of teaching and learning, small-group activities, key skill development, assessment and evaluation ( The Journal of Economic Education has a very useful section entitled ‘Economic instruction’, which gives examples of different teaching practices, and Active Learning in Higher Education includes a number of articles that highlight good practice in the area of teaching and learning.

Other useful information can be found at: