The Handbook for Economics Lecturers

4.5 Working with colleagues in a team

Many seminar programmes are given by a team of people. Such programmes require careful co-ordination and this is facilitated by the following actions:

  • Meet with the group of tutors on a regular basis to discuss how activities should be run and the procedures that should be followed.
  • Ensure that each tutor understands the purpose of each activity and knows what problems to look out for. Also explain how tutors should interact with the students throughout the exercise.
  • Meet with the tutors to review their experience with the seminars in order to identify problems, good practice and ways in which the seminars could be improved. It is also useful to have a short review meeting 2–3 weeks after the beginning of a seminar programme to identify problems at an early stage.
  • Encourage tutors to observe another member of the teaching team. This will encourage consistency of practice and develop the confidence of tutors who are less familiar with the types of activity being used in the programme.