The Handbook for Economics Lecturers

This chapter has sought to present a number of ideas regarding the designing of ab initio postgraduate taught degrees, ranging from initial market research through curriculum development to the need to review systematically the potential competition even once the PGT programme has been established. It inevitably does so at a generic level, but in doing so hopes to present a number of useful ideas regarding these different elements, which can also be utilised to evaluate current PGT provision.

Moreover, there are additional aspects that are likely to become increasingly important in the development of new, taught, postgraduate degrees, for example, the employability agenda in higher education, whereby employers can be a valuable influence through shaping the future of individual students and graduates. This would entail the embedding development of professional skills and knowledge within the curriculum, perhaps through personal development planning and work placements/internships/volunteering, together with the provision of specialist careers advice to postgraduate students.

However, although further considerations regarding the design of ab initio postgraduate degrees are self-evident, this chapter nevertheless seeks to emphasise key elements in the process that could possess profound economic as well as academic implications for many economics departments.