Tim Harford: The Merits of Messiness

Session at the Festival of Economics 2016 in Bristol

  1. We even get a few bars of the concert - we bring music to #economicsfest
  2. Tonight at #economicsfest, the Ethos team are listening to @TimHarford eulogise about messiness and disruption. Great stuff.
  3. Four brilliant economists + one mediocre sociologist > five brilliant economists, says @TimHarford #economicsfest
  4. Creativity and diversity are uncomfortable. And they deliver results. @TimHarford at #economicsfest
  5. Draw Brian Eno's random Oblique Strategy cards to break through creative block - #economicsfest @TimHarford: 
  6. The questions at #economicsfest are always excellent. @TimHarford asked (1) isn't Messy unworkable for everyday life
  7. ... And (2) aren't you telling us about the successes but not the failures? #economicsfest
  8. Has economics profession got to grips with the idea that life is messy: final qu today to @TimHarford #economicsfest (Life is testing us..)
  9. V thought-provoking talk by @TimHarford at #economicsfest tonight: oblique strategies & mess...
  10. Embrace messiness, embrace the unexpected, embrace not being in your comfort zone. Inspiring @TimHarford #economicsfest @FestivalofIdeas