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5. Matrices: Further Resources

 Online Resource Collections

MathTutor and mathcentre have rich collections of free online resources on a variety of topics in mathematics aimed at bridging the gap between school and university study. The coverage of topics is much more thorough than in this course and you can use these as a source of written handouts, additional exercises and videos on the topics covered here, but also as a source of resources on topics beyond the scope of this course.

Below you can find links to topics that are particularly relevant to the section on Matrices.

mathcentre Matrices mathcentre Vectors

 Online Handouts

Here you can find a set of handouts form mathcentre related to the topics covered in this section.

What is a matrix? Addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication Matrix multiplication, 1 Matrix multiplication, 2 Determinant of a matrix Inverse of a matrix Inverse of a 2x2 matrix Matrices and systems of linear equations

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