Banks and Central Banks

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Bank of England

The official site for the Bank of England. Contains information about the history of the bank, monetary policy in the UK, its role in supervising banking and the financial system. It also contains press releases, bulletins, summary of inflation reports, details of their museum and archives, and an education section. This section could provide some good support material for teaching.

Asian Development Bank

The ADB has 67 member countries and promotes sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. Its site has research publications, details of projects, and news from individual countries, plus infographics and videos.

Bank of Japan

The Bank of Japan's website provides information about the Japanese economy and the activities of the Bank itself. The site makes available public statements from the Bank, including Bank of Japan financial statements; a large range of economic and financial reports and statistics; research papers; and lists of Bank of Japan publications with subscription information. Files that can be downloaded directly from the site include the Quarterly Economic Outlook, Financial Markets, the TANKAN summary (Short-Term Economic Survey of Enterprises in Japan), Payment and Settlement Statistics, and Long-Term Time-Series Data. The site is available in both Japanese and English.

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (USA)

The Federal Reserve Board site gives an introduction to the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System, its purposes and functions. It is divided into 12 Federal Reserve districts across the USA. A map can be viewed and users can click on a district for more information. There is information on the regulation and supervision of banking organizations, consumer information and reports to Congress, full-text articles from the Federal Reserve Bulletin, and two series of working papers in economics and international finance. There is also a link to speeches made by the members of the Federal Reserve Board on economic issues.

Deutsche Bundesbank

This is the website of The Deutsche Bundesbank, the central bank of the Federal Republic of Germany. Part of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB), it "participates in the fulfilment of the ESCB's tasks with the primary objective of maintaining the stability of the euro, and it ensures the orderly execution of domestic and foreign payments." On this Website you will find details about the organisation, function and duties of the Bundesbank. Included in the material made available online are press releases, latest speeches and publications such as the Monthly reports, economic discussion papers and the European Central Bank's publications in German. A variety of statistical publications including a timeseries database is also available though some information appears in PDF and requires users to have Adobe Acrobat. There are German and English versions of the site.

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development " ... uses the tools of investment to help build market economies and democracies in countries from central Europe to central Asia." This website contains information about all aspects of its activities, including investment, procurement, transition progress, the environment, and finance. There is a searchable publications section, including a number of full-text reports, which are in PDF, and require Adobe Acrobat to be viewed, while a news section keeps the site up-to-date. There is a search engine for the whole site. The site is also available in French, German and Russian, but these pages may contain less content.

European Central Bank (ECB)

The European Central Bank (ECB) is based in Frankfurt and acts to implement the monetary policy of the European Community, and in particular to maintain the European System of Central Banks. It is the central bank for the European single currency, the euro. Its website contains the text of recent news releases, statistics and information on monetary policy, payments and markets and the euro. The ECB's Monthly Bulletin is available from January 1999 onwards and the Annual Report from 1992 onwards, together with other reports and papers. Links are given to the websites of the national banks of individual EU member states. There is also general information about the functions of the Bank, its legal framework and its history. The site is available to varying extents in most of the EU official languages.

HM Treasury

HM Treasury Service contains the full-text of HM Treasury publications, including press releases, ministers' speeches, minutes of the Chancellor's monthly monetary meetings, reports of the Panel of Independent Forecasters and details of Treasury running costs. Also contains full details of the Budget from 1994 onwards. There are a number of independent reviews available to read on the website. Areas covered by the Treasury include: public private partnerships; financial services; public spending; taxation; welfare; the Euro; the invest to save budget.

World Bank

The World Bank site includes a database of 12,000 development projects and gives public access to more than 200,000 publications.

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