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Regional meetings for Key Contacts

Five Key Contact Regional Meetings are taking place across the country with the Network's Associate Directors, Rebecca Taylor and Wyn Morgan.

These meetings are designed to:
-         Provide key contacts with the opportunity to meet with other keys contacts
-         Discuss different ways of approaching similar issues within departments e.g. assessment and feedback, the teaching of maths and stats, student engagement. 
-         Discuss departmental support from the Economics Network. This free of charge support could be: a workshop, for example focused on assessment and feedback, or problem-based learning; a graduate teaching assistant workshop; a NSS student focus group; advice and support from our diverse group of Associates who have experience in a wide range of areas.
From previous events Key Contacts have fedback the high value they have placed on sharing experiences with other economics departments and groups, mentioning the following when asked what is most useful about such meetings:
“Comparing experiences with colleagues from other universities.”
“Hearing about others’ innovations and meeting other economists.”
"Exchange of experience and perceptions among those committed to teaching economics."

The links above enable you to book through Academy Online. This service requires a brief registration if you have not used it before.