Useful Links from CALECO 97


The following is a selection of Web links for further information on aspects of the CALECO 97 conference.

Martin Belcher of ILRT gave an introductory presentation on writing web pages. He has listed some useful introductory links and downloadable software.

Graham Stark and Jocelyn Payne from the Institute of Fiscal Studies told us about Be Your Own Chancellor, which can be accessed for free over the Web (Now superseded by the Virtual Economy). Jocelyn described how web-based applications like BYOC are made possible in an article in the latest issue of CHEER.

Jane Williams of ILRT demonstrated Tutorial Markup Language, which allows simple tests, including graphics, hints and feedback to be given over the web. You can try out the questions yourself on the TML web site or read the background article in the latest CHEER.

The roundtable discussion on research resources on the Internet had contributions from representatives of SOSIG, Biz/ed, REGARD, WoPEc and Business Information Sources on the Internet.

Jose Gonzalez of Agder College, Norway, talked about "Web Sims"- web simulations, served by the Powersim program, which run over the Web, requiring only a Java-compatible web browser. Powersim Corporation have a selection of Web Sims on their web site. [Doesn't seem to be there now- Web Editor]

The conference was sponsored by Blackwell Publishers and included stalls from software suppliers Timberlake Consultants and the CTI Centre for Accounting, Finance and Management. The publishers Wiley advertised in the conference programme.