DEBE Conference 2001 Hosted by Economics LTSN and Bized
An international conference hosted by Economics LTSN and Biz/ed

Presentation Materials


Papers and documents

Mary Hedges' paper "Economics: The Dismal Science...NOT! Active Learning Instruments for Teaching Under-graduate Economics Concepts" is available as a Microsoft Word document. It explains four classroom games for active learning and includes example student worksheets.

Bized's Andy Beharrell, Andy Ramsden and Kieren Pitts hosted a workshop on creating interactive online learning and assessment materials. The notes from that session and the example source file are both available as Microsoft Word documents. You may also find the printable manual for the CALnet package useful.

Stephen Trotter and Susan Palfreman of the University of Hull ran a workshop on "Creating Spreadsheets for use in Teaching". The example spreadsheets and worksheets are online in full.

Several speakers at the conference have also contributed case studies of their university teaching to our Good Practice Showcase.

Contact the webmaster, Martin Poulter, at the email address below if you have any trouble accessing the files from this page.


Slide Shows

Slides from Andy Beharrell and John Sloman's keynote presentation are available online, including links to all the featured sites.

Also available is the slide show "Using the Internet for Teaching" from the intended keynotes Bill Goffe and Bob Parks. It looks at issues of computer security, student plagiarism and the effectiveness of technology-based learning as well as showing key sites for economics lecturers.

Geoff Riley of Eton College and Tutor2u has also made his slides available from his presentation, "Using the Internet in Teaching Economics".

William Garrison of the University of Portsmouth's Media Development Centre gave a talk about streaming video lectures, focusing on Ken Heather's video lectures in economics. His slide show is online, although because of a technical difficulty, browsers other than Internet Explorer will have some trouble with it, and may need to download the Powerpoint file. The Bad Lecture is a horribly amusing example of how not to use the medium (and indeed, how not to lecture).

We have two sets of slides from the TimeWeb project: an overview of the project by Andy Hargrave and another on the TimeWeb OECD Applet (a web-based interface to time-series data) by James Schumm of MIMAS.

In "Virtual Worlds: The development and use of online simulations to support teaching and learning in Economics", Andy Beharrell and Mark Sutcliffe explained how the Virtual Economy and the other Bized virtual worlds are being put to use in university teaching.

Martin Poulter and Chris Mitchell's materials from their session on the Internet Economist and Internet Business Manager are available for download from the Virtual Training Suite site. These include a one-page Guide for New Users and a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Andy Ramsden of Bized gave a presentation on the Virtual Learning Arcade for which slides are available.


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